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Nutec and wooden wendy houses

At WWendys we strive to provide the highest quality Wendy houses at the most competitive prices possible.

Nutec Wendy Houses

Nutec is the modern material for building wendy houses. Long lasting, resistent to rot and pests, easy to maintain.

Nutec is a man-made cement fiber-board and can be painted with any colour to match you existing decor.

Whether its a home to live in or a small garden shed, why not see more of why a Nutec Wendy house is for you...(click for more Nutec Wendy House info)

Wooden Wendy Houses

Traditional wooden wendy houses are a great way to get a home, shed, or anything else and keep costs low.

Our overlapping plank exteriors of treated local pine are weather proof, and are low impact on the environment. If maintained properly they will give you years of service. All our materials and building practices comply with SABS building standards and best practices.

Why not see how our wooden wendy houses can help fulfil your housing needs...(click for more Wooden Wendy House info)

Why choose Wwendys?

High Quality

Good quality materials, qualified craftsmen with years of experience, and an attention to detail, make our Nutec and wooden wendy houses perfect for your application.

SABS Compliant

We strive to ensure that all our materials and building practices meet or exceed all relevant SABS standards for construction.


Still not satisfied? We are so confident in the quality and value of our structures that we offer a money back guarantee on all our work.

We do interiors too

Plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, kitchens, painting, and flooring- everything required to create a home

If you need a home to live in, some rental space on an existing property, holiday cottages, workers accommodation and more, we have the skills to make it happen for you.
All work is done by qualified professionals.

bath and toilet
bathroom with shower and toilet

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